Generation Z: A Century in the Making is delivered in an easy-to-read, narrative style, similar to the format of Generation Z Goes to College. This new book provides a holistic examination of the contextual factors impacting the upbringing of Generation Z (born 1995-2010) as well as integrates findings from various research studies to explore the perspectives, outlooks, beliefs, experiences, styles, motivations, and aspirations of the post-Millennial generation. Although some of the topics that were in the first book are discussed, such as societal concerns, communication, and technology use (but more broadly and comprehensively with updated research), the book also includes a variety of additional topics including spirituality, family, entertainment, friendships, politics, health and wellness, and career.

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Based on Research

Since the first book and first study, Dr. Seemiller and Ms. Grace have since conducted another, larger study, called the Generation Z Stories Study. This qualitative study gives space for the voices of Generation Z to shape the book’s themes. In addition to original research, the authors include hundreds of other research studies conducted by market research firms, higher education institutions, Pew and Census, other generational researchers, as well as industry leaders.

The Influence of a Century

Instead of simply providing an overview of Generation Z, this book is framed around the impact other generations have made on who Generation Z is today. Readers are taken back to the G.I. Generation, in particular, as both generations have experienced similar contexts in their upbringing (for example, the Depression and the Recession). In addition to the G.I. Generation, information on other generations is also included, especially as they have contributed to the world in which Generation Z is growing up.

If those who parent, teach, and work with Generation Z want to better understand this generation, then Generation Z: A Century in the Making will offer insight into nearly every facet of their lives.

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