Dr. Seemiller and Meghan are interviewed frequently by the press on their research on Generation Z. Their work is published by newspapers, magazines, and online news feeds. Below are samples of news pieces in which either or both of them were interviewed.


Corporate America Can’t Afford to Ignore Gen Z

Reality Bites Back: To Really Get Gen Z, Look at the Parents


The iGen Shift: Colleges are Changing to Reach the Next Generation



Valuable Lessons About Gen Z


Young Adults Say Financial Independence, Not Age, is the Meaning of Adulthood


A New Generation of Digital Distraction

The New Generation of Students


   The Workplace Attributes that Appeal to Gen Z


    The Dark Side of Gen Z


2019’s Best Colleges Ranking



Gen Z Takeover: Showing students how to afford college



What Everyone Should Know About Managing Gen Z



Who are Gen Z? Well Billie Eilish, Coco Gauff and Greta Thunberg for a start



Everything Generation Z Needs to Know About Finding Their First Job



How Gen Z is Redefining their World Through Technology


What Makes Gen Z Tick? You May Be Surprised


How to Attract Gen Z Candidates to Your Company



Less Collaboration, More Quiet: Building for Gen Z, The Digital Natives Coming Soon to the Workforce



3 Military Parent Tips for Generation Z

3 Military Parent Tips for Generation Z



Through the Eyes of Generation Z



Adolescentes hiperconectados a internet conseguem se concentrar?

Geracao Sem Filtro



Everything You Need to Know About Gen Z

6 Facts About Generation Z Admission Professionals Need to Know



Career-Minded, Pragmatic Gen Zs Going to College



WSU Professor Studies Generation Z


Coming of Age

Generation Station

Generation Z Students May Play Major Role in Presidential Election


Generation Z: A New Class of Students Arrives

Trending Now: Generation Z


How the Next Generation Will Change Politics