Original Research

Dr. Seemiller and Ms. Grace have conducted two original large-scale studies on Generation Z. Both Dr. Seemiller and Ms. Grace pride themselves on capturing original research from the lives of those in Generation Z to complement the larger quantitative datasets available on teens and college students.

Generation Z Goes to College Study

The Generation Z Goes to College Study, launched in 2014, was both quantitative and qualitative and involved 1,143 participants from 15 higher education institutions in the U.S. The study aimed to uncover perspectives, styles, preferences, concerns, affiliations, beliefs, and approaches of Generation Z related to the following topics: Politics, spirituality, characteristics, motivations, diversity and social justice, communication, social media, friends/family/romance, social issues of concern, engagement and social change, leadership, and learning. Findings from the study are integrated into their publications, presentations, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and interviews. 

Generation Z Stories Study

The 2017 Generation Z Stories Study served as a follow-up study to the Generation Z Goes to College Study. This entirely qualitative study involved 1292 Generation Z college students from 47 higher education institutions in the U.S., 2 in Canada, and 1 in Mexico. Participants were asked questions related to learning, motivation, concerns, future career, important issues, and how their generation can make the world a better place. Findings from the study will be available in their upcoming book, Generation Z: A Century in the Making.

Brazil and U.S. research teams

Generation Z Goes to Brazil

Did you know that loyalty is the highest self-reported characteristic of Generation Z college students in both the U.S. and Brazil? After working with a great research team in Porto Alegre, Brazil, this and other fascinating information emerged from the analysis. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on comparative findings between U.S. and Brazil data on Generation Z college students.

Custom Data Sets

In addition to incorporating original data into their publications and presentations, Dr. Seemiller and Ms. Grace have been able to work directly with organizations to obtain data sets disaggregated to the Generation Z age range. The following include a list of custom data sets.

~2014 CIRP data from the Higher Education Research Institute disaggregated to only Generation Z college students (150,171 participants)
~2017 College Senior Survey data from the Higher Education Research Institute disaggregated only to Generation Z college students (9,361 participants)
~2013-20017 cumulative data on the top five character strengths from the VIA Institute on Character disaggregated only those in Generation Z (155,215)

External Research

In order to understand themes related to Generation Z’s perspectives, styles, and behaviors, publications and presentations also include research findings from market research, national polling data, adolescent social science data, and studies conducted by other generational researchers.